Heights of the Berwyns – 2 day trek

DSC00488My final overnighter before the TGO took me to the Berwyns in Wales, for a 34 mile (55 km) overnight trek taking in the main high points of the range;  Cadair Berwyn 830 metres (2,723 ft) , Moel Sych  827 metres (2,713 ft) and Cadair Bronwyn 784 metres (2,572 ft) .

The Berwyns are a favourite of mine. Being far less popular than their Snowdonia neighbours, there’s few better places within easy reach on a bank holiday weekend to get away from the crowds and have the mountains all to yourself. Once away from the valley bottom I met only two people in the hills over the two days. Bliss.


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TGO Challenge 2014 Gear : Trials, tribulations and the art of cloning


Almost there with my final gear choice for the TGO this year, but one or two items have been giving the grey cells a bit of a work out, not least of which is which shelter and boots to take. And in my search for a couple of items I’ve noticed a bit of gear cloning creeping in from the Far East, some of which potentially offer some budget options.

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The Karrimor KSB Trek-Lite II Teasmade

My foot in shoe form.


It’s quite obvious that my genes developed something significantly different to the average foot,  evolution endowing me with a pair of size 9’s that blister at the very thought of footwear.

Currently in search of the Holy Grail of trekking boots, I’ve recently been trying a pair of Karrimor KSB Trek-Lite II Event. Advertised as waterproof (no sniggering at the back please), I can summarize my experience of these boots by saying simply that they display all the water resistant properties of a tea bag.   Continue reading

Gear I will not be taking on the TGO 2014

Daletrekker Sombrero - my first backpacking tent 34 years ago

Daletrekker Sombrero – my first backpacking tent 34 years ago

Before I could spend too much time deliberating, cogitating and digesting all the gear options for this years TGO challenge, a grainy old photo (discovered while writing my About me page) leapt out to give me a much needed reality check and kick up the derrière.

Taken 32 years ago when I was a fledgling 15 year old backpacker, it showed all my kit laid out ready for the Pennine Way in 1982. Continue reading