TGO Challenge 2014 Days 12 & 13 : Coast bound and blinkered


With the best of the walking and scenery now behind, I guess I will be forgiven for applying the blinkers and taking a beeline for St Cyrus Bay.  And so begins the last days in my TGO report. A little over 12 days in the walking, a little under 200 days in the blogging. That’s got to be something of a record. Continue reading

TGO Challenge 2014 Days 10 & 11 : A busman’s holiday.


I am a roaming Highlander, a native of Braemar
I’ve often roamed the valleys around by Lochnagar
I’ve often ranged the valleys in spite of all command
But now I’m bound to sail the seas unto Van Diemen’s Land
(The Braemar Poacher)

Well I’m not sure about heading for a Tasmanian Penal Colony, but a few days from the coast the sea was calling. Continue reading

TGO Challenge 2014 Days 8 & 9 : Bear Grylls and the Chuckle Brothers

A rare moment of serious reflection for the Chuckle Brothers

A rare moment of serious reflection for the Chuckle Brothers

The next couple of days would be a very sociable affair, walking with the Chuckle Brothers and the man who taught Bear Grylls everything he’s forgotten about wilderness navigation. It was also when a new piece of kit acquired me; A homing hat ! Continue reading

TGO Challenge 2014 – Preamble : Musings from a challenger in rehab

Journeys End

Journeys End

I’ve been back home now for a week since completing the TGO, a week which has seen me clear the house completely of every last scrap of food in an effort to fend of what can only be described as an unnaturally large appetite. I’ve been shovelling calories down my throat faster than Sainsbury’s can home deliver it. All sorts of junk has been devoured and yet here’s the curious thing; I didn’t lose an ounce on the walk and I never felt hungry! So why the sudden hunger now? Continue reading