Walking Log 2014

Date Description Area miles (km)
05-Jan Stoodley Pike, Langfield Common and Withins Moor South Pennines 14.2 (23)
12-Jan Warley Moor, Flaight Hill, Crimsworth Dean, and Rochdale Canal South Pennines 17.5 (28)
19-Jan Midgley Moor and Wadsworth Moor South Pennines 14.5 (23)
26-Jan Wainstalls, Warley Reservoir and High Brown Knoll South Pennines 13.5 (22)
02-Feb Ogden Reservoir and Warley Moor Reservoir South Pennines 8 (13)
09-Feb Luddenden Dean South Pennines 12 (19)
16-Feb Highroad Well, Ovenden and Mount Tabor South Pennines 12 (19)
23-Feb Crow Hill via Luddeden Foot South Pennines 14 (22)
02-Mar Ilkley Moor (Rombalds Moor) from Keithley South Pennines 13 (21)
09-Mar Ickornshaw Moor South Pennines 15 (24)
16-Mar Rishworth Moor, Blackstone Edge and Warland Reservoir South Pennines 15 (24)
23-Mar Pen-Y-Ghent Circular Yorkshire Dales 15 (24)
28-29 Mar Limestone Lion of Yorkshire Yorkshire Dales 35 (56)
06-Apr Blackstone Edge & Millstone Edge South Pennines 18 (29)
13-Apr Warley Moor, Flaight Hill, Crimsworth Dean, and Rochdale Canal South Pennines 17.5 (28)
18-19 Apr Heights of the Berwyn range NE Wales 34 (55)
27-Apr Luddenden Dean Circular South Pennines 12.5 (20)
9-21 May TGO Challenge 2014 – Strathcarron to St Cyrus Scotland 230+ (368+)
1-June Crow Hill, Churn Milk Joan, Fill Belly Flat & Sleepy Lowe Flat South Pennines 15 (24)
21-22 June Gritsone Trail and Mow Cop Trail West Peak District 35 (56)
29-June Midgley Moor and Wadsworth Moor South Pennines 16 (26)
12-13 July Isaacs Tea Trail Northumberland 36 (58)
20-July Stoodley Pike, Gaddings Dam and Cragg Vale South Pennines 15 (24)
30-31 Aug Around Martindale, Far Eastern Fells Lake District 25 (40)
12-Oct Withins Height from Hebden Bridge South Pennines 13 (22)
19-Oct Hoof Stones Heights and Standing Hill from Hebden Bridge South Pennines 13.5 (22)
26-Oct Black Hill from Marsden via Wessenden Valley, return via Featherbed Moss Peak District 16 (26)
02-Nov Bleaklow circular from Old Glossop Peak District 13 (21)
09-Nov Luddenden Dean and Midgley Moor via Pecket Well South Pennines 14 (24)
22-Nov Kinder Scout and Brown Knoll from Little Hayfield Peak District 15 (24)

7 thoughts on “Walking Log 2014

  1. This log is just showing off! Puts most of the rest of us to shame 🙂 Then again when I look at my list of walks this year it compares well in terms of numbers of days out. Rather less well in relation to distance!!! have you applied for the TGOC in 2015? I do hope so.

  2. I’m a bit lazy when it comes keeping the log up to date, I put things in there when I remember. And you’ll notice that most of it is close to home in the Pennines. Consequently like you I start repeating walks after a while, walking them in reverse or in a different season…..or with a different pair of shoes on. But I don’t bother logging them again. I try to do a 15-20 mile walk every weekend, and aim to get out overnight each month from March to October.

    Unfortunately I missed out in September, to many chores getting our stables ready for winter. But I’m aiming to get out to Snowdonia for a backpack before the end of October.

    • p.s. I’ve not applied for the TGOC 2015 yet. But Dave and Graham have been in contact so I’m certainly considering it….very strongly considering it. And I have my pass-out already signed by my ever understanding wife Sue.

      And you ? Wavering ?

      • I’ve applied! Probably Strathcarron start. Working on my route in the hope I get through the draw. Glad to hear that the Chuckle Brothers will be on it. Hope you apply and hope our paths (more than) cross.

      • The hills are calling, and that will include the choice of pitch. High up, out in the wilds and probably with more than a touch of frost. When I backpacked the Dales Way for the first time aged 14, I had to do something unmentionable on the porch zip in the morning to defrost it. It was the only way to get out. I’m not aiming for a repeat performance though.

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